Introducing our new candle refills! We have always wanted to offer a refill service but with the logistics and cost involved for our customers to return the candle jars left us thinking it wouldnt be an suitable option.. until now! We have sourced the most incredible wax which allows us to make our candles in moulds ready for your refill. 

Please note our refill wax is different to our normal candle wax, therefore the finish and look of the candles is different. 

We are so excited about launching the refills and know our customers will be too. Its the perfect way to re use your candle jar and limited waste and reduce the cost of purchasing a new candle. You will need to clean your Infinite Scents jar out before popping in the new candle. 

To do this you can use warm water and washing up liquid, be careful and ensure you do not burn yourself. Squeeze in washing upliquid and add your warm water then allow it to work its magic. Once its ready the remainding wax and wick will rise to the top and solidify, then you can get it out and wipe it down inside. 

Be careful when cleaning the outside of your jars as you can damage the paint work if you arent careful. Your refill candle will come with the wick sticky pads, you need to use the pads to stick the bottom of your candle wicks to the jar. 
Failing to do this will result in the wicks floating as they have no support. If you have any futher questions or requests feel free to contact us via our email or our social media pages. 

Please read our terms and conditions page and follow our safety guidelines.

Candle Refills