Seasonal wax melts! Make your home cosy and smell the autumn/winter fragrances. Get the thick jumpers and comfy pjs on and make that hot chocolate and get those candles lit.  Soya Wax Melts - 6 cubes per pack. Luxury hand made soya wax melts with over 20 divine scents to choose from. We have always been home fragrance obsessed and wanted to create products which has a strong scent throw, we have successfully achieved that. We use a high percentage of fragrance in each candle/wax melts and had mix the wax and scent thoroughly to create the perfect scented candle/wax melts. Please always follow the safety instructions. Only burn your tealights for a max of 2-3 hours. Never leave the candle unattended, always have the candle in sight and out of reach from pets , children and flammable items. Burn your melt burner on a heat resistant surface and well away from foreign objects and drafts/fans. Never move your burner once heated, always extinguish the tealight and allow it to cool down before moving. Please read our terms and conditions page.

Seasonal Sale Wax Melts

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